What is Card-Sharp and What are the benefits of Card-Sharp

What is Card-Sharp? and What are the benefits of Card-Sharp?

It looks like in the shape of a card. You can use it well. You can open it and change it to the size of the card and take it to the size of the card and take it to your college, which can be used in an emergency situation. can do. Card-Sharp is amazing.

Card-Sharp is an ultra-light and ultra-thin utility knife that fits comfortably in your wallet. The 2.2 mm thin 13-gram Card-Sharp transforms from a credit card-sized sheet to a well-balanced knife with a strong handle.

When it gets tough, the reliable knife is whipped to cut down on trouble — and we have one such blade for you today: Card-Sharp 4 by Len Sinclair is a reliable pocket knife that cuts to a very small form, Enjoys slicing and care and lightweight packages. It is long and short.

The waterproof cardsharp features a blade approximately 3 inches long made of surgical steel, and the polypropylene handle is guaranteed to last and last a lifetime. Clever locking mechanism prevents accidental cutting or staining when the card is locked. Make sure you are always ready with a Card-Sharp credit card knife.

Cardsharp is the most useful and convenient item that we have come across recently. The knife should be for a ready adult (unless you have some well-developed nails that are as sharp as steel), but not everyone wants to take a different knife or add more bulk to their already key-ring.

Well, here Card-Sharp comes to the rescue. Cardsharp folds the size of a credit card whenever you go, giving you an effective, high quality, and impressive tool whenever you go. Wallet!

Features & Specifications :

  1. features and specifications
  2. Dimensions (folded): 3.4”  *2.15” *0.08”
  3. Dimensions (unfolded): 5.75”  *1.5” *0.375”
  4. Blade: 2.5”( 65 mm )cutting edge |2.99”( 76 mm ) total length
  5. Weight 0.44 oz (13 grams)
  6. The thickness of two credit card ( 2.2 mm )
  7. Surgical steel  blade
  8. Handle guaranteed for a lifetime of folding and unfolding
  9. Machine washable!
  10. Waterproof

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