Have you know about Apex Legends video game, is it free for PC and mobile

Have you know about Apex-Legends video game, is it free for PC and mobile ?

Apex Legends Game in which you can have a lot of fun and tell that this game is available for free. Yes, you can play this game for free. Apex Legends Game is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game was released in the market on 4 February 2019 and has had a crush on people ever since.

This game has 4 seasons :

  1. First season was released on 19th March 2019,
  2. Second season was released on 2nd  July 2019,
  3. Third season was released on 1st October 2019 and
  4. Season 4th was released on 4th February 20.

Choose from your skills each of robbers, soldiers, misfits and brave. Apex games welcome all comers – long live, and they call you a legend. It also has a lot of characters, you have options to choose from.

Meet the legends of the Apex video game :

  1. Bangalore (Professional Soldier),
  2. BloodHound (Technological Tracker),
  3. Caustic (Toxic Trapper),
  4. Crypto (Surveillance Expert),
  5. Gibralter (Shielded Fortress),
  6. Lifeline (Combat Medic),
  7. Mirage (Holographic Trickster),
  8. Octane (The Adrenaline),
  9. Pathfinder (Forward Scout),
  10. Revenant (Synthetic Nightmare),
  11. Wattson (StaticDefender) ,
  12. Wraith (Interdinmensional Skirmisher).

Choose your legend and join forces with other players, combining your unique skills to form the ultimate team.





Grab the new Battle Pass to unlock over 100 items. Fight to win the remaining 100 awards, including the rare and legend items such as Health Drain Lifeline, Blue Steel Crypto, Cyber ​​Punked Watson and Heat Sink Flatline.




Anyone who plays Apex Legends Season 4 can earn free rewards :

  1. Cyber sludge caustic
  2. Five apex packs
  3. Season 4 win Trackers for all Legends.

To get the Battle Pass, jump into Apex Legends and go to the Battle Pass tab in the store. Grab a Battle Pass for 950 Apex coins or a Battle Pass bundle for 2,800 Apex coins and you are all set. You can take this game to online competition and play this game with lots of fun.

While the date of its final competition was also released which is as follows :

  1. Tournament 3 – April, 6th-2020
  2. Tournament 4 – April, 20th-2020
  3. Tournament 5 – May, 3rd-2020
  4. Tournament 6 –  May, 31st-2020

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