Command & Conquer remastered is a real time strategy video game

Command & Conquer remastered is a real-time strategy video game

  • Release Date : 5 June 2020
  • Platforms : PC
  • Genre : Real-time Strategy

First of all I would like to tell you that if you are fond of the game, do not forget to play Command & Conquer Remastered game because it is a “real-time strategy” game, in which you would personally recommend this game. Very good graphics are used in this game.

Here are some features of Remastered game :

  1. Graphic switching
  2. Music
  3. Enhanced sidebar UI
  4. Jukebox
  5. Bonus gallery
  6. Outstanding action
  7. Editable game lobbies
  8. Direct console to PC
  9. Conflict mode
  10. Looking very good map
  11. Also available of zooming effect
  12. You can select mission
  13. Editable hotkeys
  14. Also control improvements

Here are more extra features of this Game :

  1. Voice available in English, German and French
  2. Influence features
  3. more than 250 map of multiplayer
  4. more than 100 campaign mission
  5. source list of friends
  6. trading cards

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